Dekalb County Single Family Home Portfolio
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Dekalb County Single Family Home Portfolio

Dekalb County, GA


Fund II


Single Family


~130,173 SF
71 Homes

Key TenantS:



A portfolio of 71 single family home located in Stone Mountain, Tucker, Decatur, and Lithonia, all of which are towns that are in DeKalb County, where the average sale price for a home is $190,000, and which has maintained a historically strong demand for rental and sale properties over the years. The homes have all been renovated and are 98% occupied to highly qualified renters, whom we wish to become owners of the assets themselves. The homes are approximately 1,800 SF each, for a combined size of approximately 130,000 square feet.

We have created a company known as OWN DeKalb, which will provide current renters who want to stay in their home with the guidance and resources they need to purchase the home at fair market value with little money down and a monthly payment like their current rent amount. They will have first right of refusal to buy their homes; if they choose not to, OWN Dekalb will help them find another rental home at a comparable price.